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The Helix3 team has been consistently working together since 1994 developing new methods and conducting GLP studies for regulatory submissions.  We are committed to providing innovative solutions with an unmatched focus on quality, flexibility and attention to detail.


Genetic Toxicology Tesing-A Laboratory Manual  Chapter 10:  The In Vivo Comet Assay (Elsevier 2016)

Critical issues with the comet assay:  A report of the comet assay working group in the 6th International Workshop on Genotoxicity Testing (IWGT) (Mutation Research 2015)

Recommendations for Safety Testing with the in vivo comet assay (Mutation Research 2012)


Cytotoxicity and its impact on the in vivo comet assay (IWGT 2013)

Evaluating DNA reactivity with the acellular comet assay (GTA 2011)

The comet assay:  Breaking from tradition (GTA 2008)

Target organ selection for the in vivo comet assay:  Genotoxicity vs. tumorigenesis (EMS 2008)

Combining the in vivo comet and micronucleus assays:  A practical approach to genotoxicity testing and data interpretation (Mutagenesis 2010)

Safety testing with the in vitro comet assay:  Critital factors in protocol design and data interpretation (EMS 2007)

The comet assay as an indicator test for germ cell genoxocity testing (Mutation Research 2009)

The effects of sample processing on in vivo comet assay samples (EMS 2006)

Fourth International Workgroup on Genotoxicity Testing:  Results of the in vivo comet assay workgroup (Mutation Research 2007



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